Happy Anniversary, A Curious Chef! 

So Facebook was great and reminded me that a year ago, I embarked on this blogging adventure to document my efforts to learn how to cook. It’s been quite the year – I’ve developed from simple recipes to experimenting with different cuisines, techniques, and ingredients. 

I feel lucky that I’ve decided to view food as something to enjoy and use to make not only myself, but others happy as well. I used to view food in a negative way, but now I take pride in my recipes and I’ve loved trying new things. 

Not only have I been playing around with cooking on my own, I’ve been lucky enough to eat at some high end restaurants and experience the “food network” kind of experience i religiously watch. 

I’ve been kind of slacking on my posts lately as life has gotten in the way, but I’m proud of my blog, how I’ve developed as a home cook, and I’m excited to see where the next year will take me! 

Thanks for everyone who reads my blog and supports me! 


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