Giada’s Veggie “Meat” Loaf

So I apologize that I have been a little MIA lately – it’s been crazy with work and just life. I also had the wonderful opportunity to go the MetroCooking DC festival in DC a few weekends ago and got to meet our idol, the epitome of what i want to be come – GIADA!!!!


It was literally as amazing as you could imagine. I was able to attend a presentation as well as do a meet and greet where she signed a copy of her healthy eating cookbook – how perfect!!

IMG_6365 IMG_6369

So, in order to remember my amazing time seeing and meeting all the vendors, i decided to right away start cooking on some of the favorite recipes in her cookbook. I decided to make a veggie meat loaf and here’s what you’ll need!:

2 cups of brown rice
1 15 oz. can of lentils
8 oz. spinach
2 beefsteak tomatoes
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1/2 cup of corn
3 eggs
1 green bell pepper
1 onion
1 zucchini (i used this as as substitue for elery


First, you need to make your sauce. Use your cherry tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil and scallions and blend in the food process to make a chunky tomato sauce.


Then, start cooking down your bell pepper, zucchinni, and onion as well. Then, start cooking down your spinach in the same pan and mix with 2/3 of the tomato sauce and let rest while you cook your rice.

IMG_6427 IMG_6428


Start cooking your rice and then combine with the onion mixture, adding the lentils, cheese, corn and the egg to bind together the mixture.


Spread evenly in your casserole dish, top with the tomato slices, top with cheese, then bake!

IMG_6432 IMG_6433

Cut into slices, serve, and enjoy!

Overall, this had a really comfort food feeling to it. It was delicious, hearty, and overall very satisfying. it was a great dish because it didn’t try to replace the meat, but held up to a traditional meat loaf. It was even good a few days later as well! I typically don’t like large tomato slices such as the toppings, but it added a nice little bit of juice and absorbed the salt so it gave it a really nice flavor and texture. Great dish – would definitely make again!


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