Pizza Party!

If you don’t know by now, my diet pyramid is pretty much entirely pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, pizza as big as your head, I don’t discriminate. However, instead of calling up our favorite pizza delivery places, I was feeling something a little more gourmet. Then, I decided I wanted to try to make a pizza! We had a full pizza menu – from entree to dessert and we made sure there was a little something for everyone!

Pizza 1 – Pepperoni 

Wegman’s 2 pack frozen bread dough
Mid’s Homemade style Pizza sauce
Margherita brand Pepperonis
4 cheese blend (Asiago, Fontina, Parmesan, and Provolone)

Pizza 2 – Margherita (and vegetarian friendly!)

Wegman’s 2 pack frozen bread dough
Mid’s Homemade style Pizza sauce
1 Red Tomato
Fresh Mozzarella

First, you need to let your dough thaw. Per the package instructions, you need to let it thaw about 2 hours. Put in a large bowl, grease both sides and cover with plastic wrap. Once the dough is thawed, then you are ready to roll it out. Roll it out to fit your pizza pan and be careful not to create any holes! Also, it is a necessary step in any pizza making process to throw it up in the air at least once to pretend that you are a legit pizza maker and know what you’re doing. Once your dough is rolled out, it’s time to start adding your toppings! Add your sauce first, but leave like a 1 inch border so that you’ll have a crust.

IMG_5390  IMG_5391 IMG_5392 IMG_5400

I know, looks professional right? Bake in the oven at 425 for about 18-20 minutes depending on how crisp you want your crust. Cut into beautiful slices and you are ready to enjoy!

IMG_5395 IMG_5402

Look at all that cheesy delicious gooey goodness. It was so yummy. But, sadly enough, I forgot my favorite staple ingredient – red pepper flakes 😦 DON’T FORGET THE RED PEPPER FLAKES. But, it tasted like something you would get from a restaurant so I was pretty excited. Now, to keep up with our theme of pizza, this leads us to dessert….

Pizza 3 – Dessert Fruit Pizza

1 roll of sugar cookie dough
7 oz. fluffernutter marshmallow dip
8 oz. cream cheese
fruit of your choice (we chose kiwi, blueberries and straweberries)


Roll out the cookie dough into a medium sized baking round baking pan, kind of like a pizza, and bake via instructions on the package. While the cooke is baking, you can create your “sauce” which is just mixing together the cream cheese and the fluffernutter until its creamy and delicious.

IMG_5385 IMG_5386

Once the cookie has baked and cooled, top it with the sauce and then place your fruit on top in a beautiful pattern of your choice and then voila, you are done and can now throw the best homemade pizza party! I mean, this dessert pizza is delicious because its a cookie with fluffernutter – need I say more?

IMG_5387 IMG_5388


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