You had me at craft beer…

Normally, I would be posting all of my culinary experiments, but today I thought I would branch out and share some of my personal experiences with foods and drinks I’ve enjoyed. So, being pretentious and snobby about my beer, I like to venture out and visit breweries any chance I can get. Most of the time, the breweries are always so far away – until they opened one right next to my house! So I had to do my due diligence and try all of the beers :-). Here is my verdict on Old Bust Head Brewery!


In true lady fashion, I definitely prefer the wheats/pilsners/hefeweizens. So naturally, my flight included their Chukker Czech Pilsner, the Goldvein American Wheat, Sumerduck Saison, and to get a little crazy with it, I threw in their Vixen Red. Each one had their own unique taste, but I unfortunately thought some of them fell a little short.


I tried the American Wheat first, but wheat beers are generally my favorite type. Named after the gold mines not far from Old Bust head, it promises a refreshing lager for the summertime. With notes of lemon and spice from the Rye malts, I thought those flavors got a bit lost. It overall seemed like a one-note beer, but definitely easy to drink. It was refreshing, but overall not my favorite.

The Czech Pilsner was next. Now, I have had this one before so I knew what to expect – but it is definitely not my first choice. I am overall not a big pilsner fan, so I found this one as your general run of the mill pilsner. It was named after the first chukker in Polo, which a chukker is the divsion of the periods or halves or something that makes up the length of the polo match. Definitely goes down easy, but when I think of craft beer, I like those big flavors or hints of spice, so I generally like more exciting beers. Easy drink for a summer day, as it is refreshing, but overall not my first choice.

Thirdly, I tried the Vixen Red. Now, I tried to be fun and interesting and try the red – I do not like red’s at all. Some I find a little hoppy, and others are kind of malty. This one is definitely malty so it made it kind of heavy to drink. Named after the local red foxes, you get the hints of caramel as soon as you take a sip, followed up by a malty aftertaste. I thought it was a little heavy, so I don’t know how many of these I would realistically be able to drink, but I have to commend this brew for finally bringing that flavor I was seeking. It’s a little warming, so I would probably reach for a glass of this during the fall or winter time.

I definitely saved the best for last! The Sumerduck Saison did not disappoint. I recently tried a Saison from 21st Amendment and absolutely fell in love. It’s a little different direction from the wheats and hefeweizens that I normally drink, but equally as delicious. Definitely some bright, spring flavors, it is named after the ducks in this town that return during the spring after the harsh winters. It is slightly fruity, with a peppery aftertaste that gives it a nice refreshing spice. It goes down so smooth and is just something I could probably drink for the rest of my life.


For a new brewery, I thought they did a great job of developing the flavors they did develop. They have about 15 beers on tap, so there is definitely something for everyone! They provided a great atmosphere and a fun, clean, and beautiful tasting room. They had the bands playing, the food trucks cooking, and the beers flowing. Definitely should give them a visit if you’re in the area and I would recommend trying to find something to fit your tastes 🙂


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