What do you call an angry pea? Grump-pea!

Okay, so not my best joke, but this was one of the easiest recipes I have made! This is the delicious Soba salad with Feta and Peas edition (via: Epicurious – Melissa Roberts Matar 2006)! I know we have gone a little Asian with our recipes, but this is the perfect recipe for when you need something quick, light, refreshing, and something you can have easy leftovers for! Also, this is VEGETARIAN friendly 🙂

So, believe it or not, this only calls for about 8 ingredients as you can see below. I have already mixed together our salt, sugar, and pepper, for convenience purposes.


First, you need to start cooking your soba noodles and peas together in lightly salted water. I recently discovered the neat trick of salting my pasta water and it has made ALL the difference in taste – so if you are able to allot extra salt in your diet, I highly recommend it. I have here two 7 oz. packages of noodles which you should be able to get about 4 servings out of – for this recipe I just used 1 package, but you can of course use more noodles if you would like. The recipe calls for 10 – 12 oz. so it’s up to you how much you would like to use/what kind of noodles you can find. (I found these at Harris Teeter!) I also guess-timated my peas since I had a bigger bag (the recipe calls for 10 oz.)

While the peas and noodles are cooking, you want to chop up your scallions and put together your dressing consisting of: lemon juice, olive oil, soy sauce, sugar, salt, and pepper. A good little tip for using a fresh lemon is to roll the lemon on your cutting board before cutting it. It helps make it a little easier to juice. Also, make sure to hold your hand underneath the lemon while you juice to make sure you catch any seeds or pulp that may try to sneak it’s way into your dressing 😉

IMG_3900 IMG_3903

Once you have your dressing and your noodles and peas are nice and tender (Try to ignore the fact that they kind of look like worms) drain the noodles and then rinse under cold water to stop them from further cooking. Mix together with your dressing and feta cheese and then you are ready to enjoy!


Yep, that’s literally all there is to it! I plan on having this for my lunches, since it can be served either warm or cold. It has a good acidity and salt from the lemon and soy sauce, but the feta cheese cuts into that and adds a nice tang. The scallions add a nice extra element (I am also a huge fan of scallions). The soba noodles are literally about .5 calories for the entire thing so this dish is not only delicious and refreshing, but also won’t stretch your waistband! I was pleasantly surprised with how easy this dish was. I made two servings the night before and now I have my lunch for tomorrow!

*Comment here for full recipe


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